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Debris Collection

The Future of Fine Digital Art

Digital Fine Art created with Artificial Intelligence and backed by Blockchain provenance.


Chris Bergeron

( pron. 'bəɹʤəɹɑn ) Creator of Fine Digital Art via Curated AI. Collection Works are Non-Fungible, with genuine provenance recorded via Blockchain Public Ledger. Each piece contains secret keys that can be collaboratively used to unlock future works.

Everything you should know

The ‘Debris’ Collection will be auctioned off electronically on April 1st, 2021. The listing will begin at 0 GMT. The listing will open bidding at 2 Etherium.

Each Piece Contains:
• The original one of a kind digitally signed work1.
• One Tenth of a Shamir Secret that unlocks a digital vault.
• A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to prove authenticity and provenance of the work.
• A discreet, private, and direct communication vector and channel to the Artist.
• A PGP Signature - signed by the Artist.


•  Works by Artificial Intelligence.
•  Provenance by Blockchain.
•  Curation by Bergeron.

  • AI Engine

    The Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) is proprietary IP. Relax though, it won't take over the world.

  • Vault

    The Debris Vault can only be opened by a quorum of six of ten collaborators. The contents of the digital vault are undisclosed. Collaboration to open the vault is encouraged.

  • Commission

    Custom pieces can be commissioned. Contact me for more information (Buyers Agent welcome).

  • Provenance

    Provenance of the sold works are certified using Blockchain Technology. NFT Tokens validate authenticity and publicly declare ownership along the custody chain.


Yes, I can do all of this at once.

  • Commission

    Custom pieces can be commissioned. Contact me for more information (Buyer's Agents welcome).

  • Collaboration

    I'm always open to considering new projects and ventures.

  • Consulting

    Before Non-Fungible Token (NFT Technology) disrupts your business, let us help align your model with the emergent Digital Fine Art equities market.

  • Crypto Escrow

    Provided via Ultra-High Availability and Ultra Secure Technology for discerning private clients • Fast funding and low fees via Bitcoin dark pool.


Just a sample of some of the collective works.


About commissioned works or collaboration.

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