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Debris Collection

The Future of Fine Digital Art

Digital Fine Art created with Artificial Intelligence and backed by Blockchain provenance.


Chris Bergeron

( pron. 'bəɹʤəɹɑn ) Creator of Fine Digital Art via Curated AI. Collection Works are Non-Fungible, with genuine provenance recorded via Blockchain Public Ledger. Each piece contains secret keys that can be collaboratively used to unlock future works.

Everything you should know

The ‘Debris’ Collection is a series of NFT digial photos and art. These works are a pragmatic implementation of NFT value. They are tastefully unique, printable and can be enjoyed in the real world (meat-space) and online. This hybrid approach to creation allows collectors to showcase their digital holdings in the physical realm.

Each Piece Contains:
• The original one of a kind digitally signed work1.
• One Tenth of a Shamir Secret that unlocks a digital vault.
• A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to prove authenticity and provenance of the work.
• A discreet, private, and direct communication vector and channel to the Artist.
• A PGP Signature - signed by the Artist.


•  Works by Artificial Intelligence.
•  Provenance by Blockchain.
•  Curation by Bergeron.

  • AI Engine

    The Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) is proprietary IP. Relax though, it won't take over the world.

  • Vault

    The Debris Vault can only be opened by a quorum of six of ten collaborators. The contents of the digital vault are undisclosed. Collaboration to open the vault is encouraged.

  • Commission

    Custom pieces can be commissioned. Contact me for more information (Buyers Agent welcome).

  • Provenance

    Provenance of the sold works are certified using Blockchain Technology. NFT Tokens validate authenticity and publicly declare ownership along the custody chain.


Yes, I can do all of this at once.

  • Commission

    Custom pieces can be commissioned. Contact me for more information (Buyer's Agents welcome).

  • Collaboration

    I'm always open to considering new projects and ventures.

  • Consulting

    Before Non-Fungible Token (NFT Technology) disrupts your business, let us help align your model with the emergent Digital Fine Art equities market.

  • Crypto Escrow

    Provided via Ultra-High Availability and Ultra Secure Technology for discerning private clients • Fast funding and low fees via Bitcoin dark pool.


Just a sample of some of the collective works.


About commissioned works or collaboration.

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